Who is Nefertiti, the most beautiful queen of the pharaohs؟

Queen "Nefertiti"

"Mystery and secrets baffle scholars" .. Who is Nefertiti, the most beautiful queen of the pharaohs ؟

Queen "Nefertiti" was one of the most powerful women in ancient Egypt, and the tomb of Queen "Nefertiti" was found near the tomb of King Tutankhamun, son of her husband "Akhenaten". Year 14 of Akhenaten's rule, and she was buried in her cemetery in the royal tombs at Tell el-Amarna, as is rumored

It is best known for its bust, now in Berlin's Neues Museum, displayed to the right. This statue is considered one of the most copied ancient Egyptian works. This statue is attributed to the sculptor Thutmose, he was found in his workshop. Nefertiti was famous for his personification of the ancient Egyptians' understanding of the true proportions of the face

Queen Nefertiti, who is called the head of the consort of Akhenaten, where she participated in the rule of her husband, Akhenaten, and was characterized as a very beautiful and elegant woman. Kare and among the most famous of her actions that she did during the 17 years of her rule from ancient Egypt is that her era and Akhenaten were distinguished as the richest era in the history of Egypt

The name Nefertiti and her history have been used in many artistic, literary, musical, cinematic and television works throughout the world, among the most important of which was the glamorous novel, “Living in Truth,” by the greatest Egyptian Nobel writer,  Naguib Mahfouz

Nefertiti is a queen who still raises astonishment, interest, questions and mystery around her, despite the passage of years. Nefertiti is a queen immortalized by Egypt and immortalized Egypt through the ages and on the face of time

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